Serve the Lord

with gladness.

Psalm 100:2

Our theme verse for 2022-2023

Looking for a quality Christian education with small class sizes?

Look no further. We would love to serve you and your family!

St. Paul Lutheran School Top Readers

Each month the grade 3-8 students participate in a reading incentive program called Accelerated Reader. The students read various books, take comprehension tests, and are awarded points based on the reading level and length of the book. Each student has a monthly goal to reach for a portion of their class reading grade, and incentives are given for those students who go above and beyond.

The photo shows the top readers for September and October. Several students were top readers in both months. Students receive coupons to apply towards the purchase of books from the school's Scholastic Book Orders. Some popular books are those from the Harry Potter series, books about horses and other animals, and also books about hunting or fishing.

See the Bloomer Advance or our school Facebook page for the photo of our Grade 3-8 top readers: Sophie Strand, Anna Blum, Raleigh Ewings, Micah Welle. Ella Harder, Hans Harder, Isaac Blum

St. Paul Lutheran School News 111/7 - 11/11

11/11 - 11/12 . . . CLEANING - Welle Family Thank you for your service!

Looking Ahead . . .

11/16 . . . Matins 8:10 a.m. Our offerings for the first half of the year will go toward hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

11/18 . . . Parent Drive Day, No Public School Bussing, FINAL DAY OF FIRST TRIMESTER

11/19 - 11/28 . . . NO SCHOOL - THANKSGIVING BREAK

Tuesday, November 29 . . . School Resumes

Mrs. Stolt is again in the hospital. She will be out this week recuperating and then next week has several appointments prior to starting treatment. Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes! God bless Mrs. Harder in her substitute teaching role. God bless all the students, staff, and families of our school.

Welcome to St. Paul Lutheran School!

St. Paul Lutheran School exists to assist families in the Christian and secular education of children by the guidance and daily instruction of God's Word to prepare them for earthly lives of service and eternal life in heaven with Christ Jesus.

This is our school sign located at the corner of the alley and 14th Street. Our entry doors are just across the alley from Fat Boy's Pizza. Come visit us!

St. Paul Lutheran School

Serving 3K preschool - grade 8 education needs

located at 1319 Larson Street in Bloomer, WI

(main entrance is in the alley off 13th or 14th Avenue, directly behind Fat Boy's Pizza)


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